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Admission Procedure

Next Gates Education offers a range of certified courses in collaboration with various Awarding Bodies. To ensure that our learners meet the necessary criteria for enrollment, we have established a straightforward admission procedure. Below are the steps to follow:

Enrollment step

Step 1 – Account Registration

Before applying or accessing our courses, users usually should have an account in the platform. New users can easily register a new one, while existing users can log in directly. During registration, users should provide specific details such as user name, full name, address, email, phone number and other relevant information. This account will be used for all future communications and interactions with the website.

Step 2 – Submit Application

Each course or qualification has its own application form, which students must fill out and submit. The application form will request the following details:

    • Full Name, First / Last name, Email address, Phone and Address.
    • Copies of passport or ID document.
    • Copies of the latest educational documents.
    • Copy of English language proficiency certificate. If a student lacks proof, we can assess their English proficiency through specialized placement tests. Upon successful evaluation, we will issue supporting evidence to include with the application.

    Step 3 – Application Validation

    Once the application is submitted, it will undergo a review process. The review process might include verification of documents and possibly an interview or test, depending on your admission criteria. Students will receive notification regarding the status of their application – whether they are accepted, waitlisted, or denied.

    Step 4 – Make Payment

    Accepted students will then be required to make payment to secure their place based on the payment plan in their acceptance letter. Payment could include tuition fees, registration fees, and any other applicable charges. Information about payment methods (like online payment, bank transfer, etc.) and deadlines should be clearly provided.

    Some courses have a direct payment links. In these courses, students can login, visit the course page and click on “Take This Course” to proceed with the purchase steps.

    Take this course button (dynamic status)

    As seen in the above image courses may have variant settings on payment depending on the awarding body that will issue the final certificate. However, students who prefer to be awarded by Next Gates can select the “Next Gates” variant and proceed with the course purchase. When a course has no variants and only displays a “Take This Course” button, it indicates that Next Gates will be responsible for awarding the qualification.

    Note, that this button may changes into other status depending on the course settings, for example, it could be “Apply” which indicate that learner should get back into step 2 and apply for the course.

    Step 5 – Access Content

    Once students are accepted and have paid the registration fees, they will have access to complete the qualification units/courses for a period of four months to two years depending on the course type and settings. In qualification such as HNC/D which has multiple courses connected, students can pay per each one to gain instant access.

    We are committed to providing a seamless and efficient admission process to help our learners achieve their educational goals effectively. Should you have any questions or need further assistance, please feel free to contact our support team.

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