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Appeal Process Policy

Our academic appeals process is designed to provide students with a fair and structured method to contest assessment decisions made by tutors/assessors. This policy outlines the procedure for challenging grades that students believe do not accurately represent their academic performance.

Eligibility for Appeal

Students are eligible to appeal if they believe their assessment results are not reflective of their true academic abilities. To initiate an appeal, valid reasons and evidence must be presented to demonstrate the perceived unfairness or inaccuracy of the grade. This evidence should be directed to the Director responsible for the appeals process. Appeals must be filed within 5 days following the receipt of the assessment results.

Grounds for Academic Appeal

  • Assessment Criteria Discrepancies: Evidence of deviation from established marking criteria or significant procedural errors during the assessment.
  • Claims of Discrimination: Allegations of discrimination by the tutor/assessor will lead to a halt in the process for a separate investigation under our equal opportunity policy.
  • Extenuating Circumstances: Situations where personal or health-related issues have significantly impacted the student’s performance.
  • Technical or Administrative Errors: Issues related to technical glitches or administrative mishandlings during the assessment process.

Informal Resolution Efforts

We encourage students to first seek an informal resolution with the concerned faculty or department. This step often leads to a quicker and more direct resolution of issues.

Formal Appeal Process

Stage 1: Initial Review

  • Filing an Appeal: Students must complete and submit an online Appeal Form, along with any supporting evidence, to the administration department.
  • Initial Assessment Review: The center will review the assessment and the grounds of appeal. If this review resolves the issue, the formal appeal process may be halted.

Stage 2: Investigation

  • Investigation Period: A detailed review, lasting 5 days, will be conducted to evaluate the provided evidence and justifications.
  • Communication During Investigation: Students may be contacted for additional information or clarification during this period.

Stage 3: Final Decision

  • Director’s Decision: The Director will issue a final written decision post-investigation.
  • Outcome Communication: Students will be informed of the decision and provided with an explanation of the findings.

Accessibility of Appeals Form

The Appeal Form, along with detailed instructions, is available on our website for easy access and submission.

Policy Review and Amendments

This policy is subject to periodic review and may be amended to reflect changes in academic standards, regulations, or feedback from the academic community.

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