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Student Complaints Policy

Next Gates welcomes any feedback during your learning journey with us. Whether these concerns reflect positive or negative experience, they will be very helpful for us to resolve issues and to make enhancements that improve the quality of our provided services. The Center actively encourages learners to evaluate their courses and overall experience by providing feedback through a variety of methods. Any unsatisfied person coming into contact with the Center with their experience, can express their concerns or raise a complaint.

The procedure of compliance is intended for the use of learners or their parents. A complaint may be a minor problem, for example, a student is not satisfied with the quality of feedback provided on a particular piece of homework, or a major issue like being bullied; or feeling that you are not being taught properly. Speaking to the member of staff responsible of the education may clear up many minor problems quickly and informally. If they are not dealt with suitably at this stage, you may need to follow the procedures outlined here, starting at step one. For pressing complaints, go straight to step two.

Aims of the Complaints Procedure

  1. To deal with complaints fairly and quickly.
  2. Investigated all complaints thoroughly. This can involve obtaining statements, interviewing witnesses or some other form of hearing.
  3. Taking an initial response as soon as possible (Ten working days can be the maximum response duration).
  4. Keep the complainant informed of every step taken.
  5. Give the compliant a clear explanation of the outcome or decision that is being made.

The Procedure You Should Follow

If there is any aspect of learning experience that you are not satisfied with, you have the right to make a complaint.

Step one

In case the complaint is about your assessment grade, you should follow the assessment appeals procedure for your course or qualification. Details about this can be obtained from the exam officer. In case of other problems where you feel you have been unfairly treated, you need to discuss the situation with your tutor or supervisor. In most of our courses, the names of staff responsible for education are listed under the course details. Usually, a simple chat (online or on the phone), exchange of opinions, etc. can solve a problem before it gets too serious. Taking this procedure may involve the direct manager of the relevant member of staff if the case requires it. This stage deal with the matter informally, and ideally, a together agreeable solution will be found. There is no need to record events related unless you or the responsible staff member, wish to do so.

We would like to mention that most problems can be sorted out at this stage, but if you are still not satisfied by the outcome resulted by Step one, you can move forward to step two.

Step two

If the problem still exists, or you are not happy with procedures taken or the work done, you are qualified to take your complaint to the management or program leader, so they can help you out in resolving the matter.

At this step, you can follow the formal complaints procedure:

  1. Make a writing complaint, within one week when you have unfairly treated. Describe the reasons and background to your problem and send it to the company address. You need to write your name, your course title and number/code so the complaint can be followed up correctly. You can also send the compliant digitally on the Center’s website. It is located under contact us page. Using a digital form can make it easier and faster to respond to complaints. 
  2. If you prefer to visit the Center, you can hand in your complaint to the reception and ensure that it is addressed to the Deputy Principal or Principal as your problem didn’t resolve while going under step one. 
  3. The Deputy Principal will deal with your complaint and at this stage, you’ll be contacted by the Senior Member of Staff to arrange a mutually acceptable time to meet. The meeting can be physically or online depending on your location and the type of education you’re pursuing.
  4. You will receive a written answer (by email or by post) from the Senior Member of Staff, usually within ten working days of the meeting. The answer will explain the conclusions of the investigation and the available action to be taken. At this point if the complaint is found to be unjustified, the reasons will be clearly stated.
  5. All persons involved with the complaint will be informed by the nature of compliant.

Step three

If you are unsatisfied with the answer, you may appeal, in writing within five working days of the Member of Staff’s decision. Your appeal should be sent to the center address or handed directly to the reception. Don’t forget to address the case number of the complaint to make it easier for management to track the related case. Once again, you will receive a written answer either by email or post, and it can take about ten days.

It is important to remember that you can follow these procedures online using an available digital form instead of using papers. The complaint can be handled within the system, and you’ll be contacted using your listed email.


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