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The Diploma in Project Management is level 7 qualification, awarded by Qualifi and serves as an advanced entry route into a master’s degree, granting learners 120 of the 180 credits required for a full Master of Business Administration (MBA).

The curriculum provides an in-depth exploration of advanced project management techniques, encompassing strategic decision-making, risk management, and effective leadership. Participants will learn to develop and implement comprehensive project plans that align with organizational objectives, thereby enhancing the efficacy and success of their project outcomes.

Further, the course equips learners with the skills necessary to anticipate, mitigate, and manage risks effectively, alongside navigating through crises with strategic insight. Emphasis is also placed on maintaining high standards of project quality and performance, which are critical for the success and integrity of major projects.

For students who have recently been in education, the entry profile is likely to include one of the following:

  • A university graduate who is over 22 years old.
  • Holder of a Level 6 Qualification.
  • A non-university graduate over 24-year-old with at least five years of managerial experience.

The qualification is wholly in English language. Students should demonstrate capability in English at a standard equivalent to one of the identified levels below:

  • Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level B2
  • PTE 51
  • IELTS 5.5; Reading and Writing must be at 5.5
  • or equivalent.

Upon completing the diploma, graduates are qualified to pursue an MBA top-up course. This can be undertaken either online or on-campus at various UK universities. The top-up usually involves completing the remaining 60 credits through a dissertation, or a combination of a dissertation and an additional module.

The following universities accept students into MBA Top-Up Degrees:

    • University of Gloucestershire
    • Anglia Ruskin University
    • Northampton University
    • University of Bolton

    Students must keep in mind that university admission criteria may change over time. Therefore, it is always good to verify the specific entry requirements for the intended course before submitting their application.

    The registration will be valid for 12 months, but students may complete the Diploma in less than one years.

    Registration process:

    • Students should fill in an online application and provide us with correct information about themselves.
    • A proof of identity such as Passport must be submitted with the application.
    • Students should also submit a scan of recent education certificate and an evidence to English level.
    • After approval, students will receive a user name and password to access the learning platform.

    Evaluation will be conducted through 6 written assignments rather than conventional examinations. Student will be allocated sufficient time to complete one or two assignments for each course.

    Each successfully completed course will be graded as a Pass (P), Merit (M) or Distinction (D).

    • A Pass is awarded for the achievement of all outcomes against the specified assessment criteria.
    • Merit and Distinction grades are awarded for higher level achievement.

    The qualification is designed as Mentored Self-Paced learning. It is delivered via an Online Social Learning Platform called NG Portal.

    Study materials consist of reading-texts, videos, activities, case-studies, interactive quizzes and assignments. All materials are available online.

    Instructors are available to guide and support students during their study. Students can ask questions and discuss topics through different methods, such as live chat, forums, discussion groups and even direct contact with instructors.

    Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership

    The final certificate will be awarded by Qualifi, a leading awarding body. The qualification is regulated by Ofqual by following number: 610/1342/0

    Additionally, students will be issued a digital certificate from Next Gates upon completing each course/module. Should they need a printed and sealed copy, they may request one for an additional fee. Students will be responsible for any notary or apostille authentication fees when required.

    Students willing to study the diploma are required to pay a registration fee, followed by payment for the courses included in the program. The registration fee is valid for two year. If students are unable to complete the diploma within this timeframe, they have the option to extend it for an additional year by paying an extension fee.

    The total tuition for the diploma is $3,000. Students may receive a discount based on the number of installments or the payment plan agreed upon with an official agent.

    * Note that prices don’t include VAT. Additional fee might be applied at checkout.
    * Discounts don’t apply on registration fee.

    Course Curriculum

    Semester One
    Leadership and Professional Development 2 months
    Planning, Controlling and Leading a Project 2 months
    Operations and Information Management for Project Managers 2 months
    Semester Two
    Principles of Project Management 2 months
    Operations and Global Supply Chain Management 2 months
    Managing Risk, Uncertainty and Complexity in Projects 2 months
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