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The aim of this course is to enable students to appreciate and apply principles of effective Human Resource Management (HRM). People are the lifeblood of any organisation and being able to attract, recruit and retain talented staff is at the core of all HRM activity.

This course will explore the tools and techniques used in HRM to maximize the employee contribution and how to use HR methods to gain competitive advantage. Students will explore the importance of training and development in building and extending the skills base of the organisation and ensuring it is relevant to the ever-changing business environment.

Students will also consider the growing importance of becoming a flexible organisation with an equally flexible labour force, and become familiar with techniques of job design and with different reward systems. The course investigates the importance of good employee relations and the ways in which employers engage with their staff and possibly with trade unions.

Students will gain an understanding of the law governing HRM processes as well as the best practices which enable an employer to become an ‘employer of choice’ in their labour market.

By the end of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Explain the impact of the role of HRM in creating sustainable organisational performance and contributing to business success.
  2. Assess the contribution of HRM in recruiting and retaining talent and skills to achieve business objectives.
  3. Examine how external and internal factors can affect HRM decision making in relation to organisational development.
  4. Apply HRM practices in a work-related context for improving sustainable
    organisational performance.

There are no formal prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As the course is conducted entirely in English, we recommend that learners have a good grasp of the English language, both written and spoken, to gain maximum benefit.
  • Since this is an online course, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Familiarity with basic computer skills would be advantageous.
  • While you can learn at your own pace, dedicating consistent time to the course will help you understand and retain the material better.

              Registration process:

              • Based on course settings, students might be requested to fill in an application (online) and provide us with correct information about themselves before being able to proceed with the course.
              • We will contact you by email if we need more details after submitting your application.
              • After approval, you can proceed with payment and start the course.

              Materials are organized under different lessons. The lessons consist of self-study contents including reading-texts, practical activity, assignment and quizzes in which students can engage and learn.

              The course has supervisors and instructors; they are available online to support students by answering their questions or explain different topics to them. This will be managed under discussion section, forums, direct contact or by online meetings.

              When student successfully completes all lessons, quizzes and pass assignment, he/she will be offered a certificate.

              The Course is available as an individual course or under Pearson Qualifications (HNC/HND) in Business. The price will be updated based on the selected option. The individual course fee is higher because Awarding Body applies higher fees for individual enrollment. At the same time, a discount will be automatically added when you order HNC/HND in Business or if you’re already enrolled under these qualifications.

              Courses awarded under Next Gates have no discount, and the fee is already reduced.

              * Note that prices don’t include VAT. Additional fee might be applied at checkout.

              Course Curriculum

              Section One
              Introduction to Human Resource Management 01:30:00
              Strategic Human Resource Management 01:30:00
              Models of HRM 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 01/10 00:20:00
              Labor Market 01:30:00
              Retention Strategies and Workforce Stability 01:30:00
              The Legal and Regulatory Frameworks 01:00:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 02/10 00:20:00
              Section Two
              How to Improve the Efficiency of HR Practices 01:30:00
              Recruitment in Organizations 01:00:00
              Essentials of Recruitment 01:00:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 03/10 00:30:00
              Methods of Selecting a Candidate 01:00:00
              Onboarding and Induction 01:30:00
              Training and Development 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 04/10 00:20:00
              Section three
              How to Identify Training Needs 01:30:00
              Evaluating the Effectiveness of Training 01:30:00
              Reward Management 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 05/10 00:20:00
              Motivational Theory and Reward 01:30:00
              Types of Flexibility and Flexible Organizations 01:30:00
              Models of Flexible Organizations 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 06/10 00:20:00
              Section Four
              Flexible Working Practices in Organizations 01:30:00
              Performance Management and Monitoring of Employees 01:30:00
              Payment and Reward System 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 07/10 00:20:00
              Managing Employee Relations 01:30:00
              Employment Law 01:30:00
              Legal Factors Affecting HRM Practices 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 08/10 00:20:00
              Section Five
              Ethical Aspects of HRM and Corporate Social Responsibility 01:30:00
              Trade Unions 01:30:00
              Preparing Job and Person Specifications 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 09/10 00:20:00
              Using Technology to Improve the Recruitment Procedure 01:30:00
              Job Advertisements and Shortlisting 01:30:00
              Interviewing Techniques to Select the Best Candidates 01:30:00
              HRM Progress Quiz 10/10 00:20:00
              Final Assignments

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