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This course involves a Pearson-set assignment where students investigate a relevant computing topic within a business environment, guided by a project brief from the center. It highlights the significance of comprehending evolving computing technologies and their applications across different sectors for a computing professional. The goal is to develop students’ research and decision-making skills by engaging in independent research on a specific industry sector, as outlined in the project brief. Findings from this research will guide the planning of a computer-based project and recommendations on how businesses can utilize identified technologies and tools.

Successful completion equips students with the ability to make informed decisions, solve problems, undertake research, and plan projects. They will learn to analyze relevant computing concepts in a work-related context, propose suitable solutions, and present their evidence effectively to stakeholders.

By the end of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Conduct small-scale research, information gathering and data collection to generate knowledge on an identified subject.
  2. Explore the features and business requirements of organisations in an identified sector.
  3. Produce project plans based on research of the chosen theme for an identified organisation.
  4. Present your project recommendations and justifications of decisions made, based on research of the identified theme and sector.

There are no formal prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As the course is conducted entirely in English, we recommend that learners have a good grasp of the English language, both written and spoken, to gain maximum benefit.
  • Since this is an online course, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Familiarity with basic computer skills would be advantageous.
  • While you can learn at your own pace, dedicating consistent time to the course will help you understand and retain the material better.

                  Registration process:

                  • Based on course settings, students might be requested to fill in an application (online) and provide us with correct information about themselves before being able to proceed with the course.
                  • We will contact you by email if we need more details after submitting your application.
                  • After approval, you can proceed with payment and start the course.

                  Materials are organized under different lessons. The lessons consist of self-study contents including reading-texts, practical activity, assignment and quizzes in which students can engage and learn.

                  The course has supervisors and instructors; they are available online to support students by answering their questions or explain different topics to them. This will be managed under discussion section, forums, direct contact or by online meetings.

                  When student successfully completes all lessons, quizzes and pass assignment, he/she will be offered a certificate.

                  The course is available as an individual or under Pearson Qualifications (HNC/HND) in Computing. The price will be updated based on the selected option. The individual course fee is higher because awarding body has additional fees for individual enrollment. At the same time, a discount will be automatically added when you order HNC/HND in Computing or if you’re already enrolled under these qualifications.

                  Courses awarded under Next Gates have no discount, and the fee is already reduced.

                  * Note that prices don’t include VAT. Additional fee might be applied at checkout.

                  Course Curriculum

                  Section One
                  Introduction to Computing Projects 01:30:00
                  Overview Of Research in Projects 01:30:00
                  Qualitative Research Methods 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 1/10 00:25:00
                  Quantitative Research Methods 01:30:00
                  Data Collection Techniques and Fieldwork 01:30:00
                  Analyzing Data 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 2/10 00:25:00
                  Section Two
                  Validity and Reliability 01:30:00
                  Ethical Considerations in Research 01:30:00
                  Diversification of Business in The Modern-Day 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 3/10 00:25:00
                  Operational Areas of Business 01:30:00
                  Stakeholder Management 01:30:00
                  Industry Challenges and Risk Management 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 4/10 00:25:00
                  Section Three
                  Change Management 01:30:00
                  Effective Risk Mitigation in Firms 01:30:00
                  Supply Chain and Procurement 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 5/10 00:25:00
                  Business Lifecycle in Computing Firms 01:30:00
                  Project Planning and Initiation 01:30:00
                  Analyzing Business Competencies 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 6/10 00:25:00
                  Section Four
                  Measuring Company Performance 01:30:00
                  Technological Integration in Firms 01:30:00
                  Managing Company Workflow 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 7/10 00:25:00
                  Project Management Methodologies 01:30:00
                  Agile Project Management 01:30:00
                  Using Project Management Tools 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 8/10 00:25:00
                  Section Five
                  Establishing Communications 01:30:00
                  Decision Making 01:30:00
                  Quality Assessment in Computing Projects 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 9/10 00:25:00
                  Project Documentation and Reporting 01:30:00
                  Leading Projects and Negotiations 01:30:00
                  Continuous Improvement 01:30:00
                  PCP Progress Quiz 10/10 00:25:00
                  PCP Assignment 1/1 (v1)30, 00:00

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