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The aim of this course is to give students knowledge of security, the associated risks and how it has an impact on business continuity. Students will examine security measures involving access authorisation and regulation of use. They will implement contingency plans and devise security policies and procedures. The course also introduces students to detection of threats and vulnerabilities in physical and IT security, and how to manage risks relating to organisational security.

This course includes network security design and operational topics, including address translation, DMZ, VPN, firewalls, AV and intrusion detection systems. Remote access will be covered, as will the need for frequent vulnerability testing as part of organisational and security audit compliance. As a result, students will develop skills such as communication literacy, critical thinking, analysis, reasoning and interpretation, which are crucial for gaining employment and developing academic competence.

By the end of this course a student will be able to:

  1. Assess risks to IT security
  2. Describe IT security solutions
  3. Review mechanisms to control organisational IT security
  4. Manage organisational security

This course is designed to be as accessible as possible. There are no formal prerequisites or qualifications required to enroll. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  • As the course is conducted entirely in English, we recommend that learners have a good grasp of the English language, both written and spoken, to gain maximum benefit.
  • Since this is an online course, you’ll need a computer, tablet, or smartphone with internet access. Familiarity with basic computer skills would be advantageous.
  • While you can learn at your own pace, dedicating consistent time to the course will help you understand and retain the material better.

Registration process:

  • Based on course settings, students might be requested to fill in an application and provide us with correct information about themselves before being able to proceed with the course (the application is online).
  • We will contact you by email if we need more details after submitting your application.
  • After approval, you can proceed with payment and start the course.

Materials are organized under different lessons. The lessons consist of self-study contents including reading-texts, practical activity, assignment and quizzes in which students can engage and learn.

The course has supervisors and instructors; they are available online to support students by answering their questions or explain different topics to them. This will be managed under discussion section, forums, direct contact or by online meetings.

Next Gates Certificate

After completing the course, students will be issued a digital certificate for free. Additionally, if students wish to receive a printed and sealed copy, they may contact us and request it for an additional fee. Students will be responsible for any notary or apostille authentication fees when needed.

Course Curriculum

Section One
Security Fundamentals and IT Risk Assessment 01:30:00
Integrated Threat Management (ITM) 01:30:00
Organisational Security 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 01/10 00:20:00
Network Security Architecture 01:30:00
Data Security Fundamentals 01:30:00
IT Security Controls 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 02/10 00:20:00
Section Two
IT Security Standards, Policies and Procedures 01:30:00
Network Security In-Depth 01:30:00
Virtualisation 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 03/10 00:20:00
Data Security In-Depth 01:30:00
Digital Forensics 01:30:00
Application Security 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 04/10 00:20:00
Section Three
IT Threat Modelling 01:30:00
Web Security Architecture 01:30:00
Web Application Security 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 05/10 00:20:00
Service-Oriented Architecture and Middleware 01:30:00
Cryptography Authentication 01:30:00
Vulnerability Management 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 06/10 00:20:00
Section Four
IT Security Common Controls 01:30:00
Enterprise Security Controls 01:30:00
Wireless Network Security 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 07/10 00:20:00
Mobile Network Security 01:30:00
System Hardening and Baseline Security 01:30:00
Email and Instant Messaging Security 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 08/10 00:20:00
Section Five
Cloud Computing Security 01:30:00
Internet of Things (IoT) Security 01:30:00
Information Security Policy Project 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 09/10 00:20:00
Information Risk Management 01:30:00
Security Priorities and Program 01:30:00
IT Disaster Recovery and Management 01:30:00
SEC Progress Quiz 10/10 00:20:00

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  • English
  • Self Study

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