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Distance Learning

Distance Learning under Next Gates Education is delivered via a specialized social learning management platform/system and can be categorized under two main categories: Mentored Self-Paced and Blended Learning. This page have detailed information describing the difference between the two of them.

Mentored Self-Paced

Mentored Self-Paced learning is delivered 100% online. It is 100% course work and Self-Study. This means that you can study from home or work or even any place around the world. The courses can be accessed using any device, like, Smartphones, Personal computers, notebooks or MACs (though it is advised to use a computer for a better experience). All you need is access to an internet connection and some free time.

Although courses under this mode are 100% self-study, mentors and instructors are still available online to guide and support learners. These mentors can be involved at any time and they may announce live sessions and start live meetings. During these sessions, learners can meet the instructor face-to-face and discuss different topics. The percentage of this interaction varies between 0 – 10% as it is designed as a self-study course.

During the course progress, learners can ask their instructors/supervisors questions related to the lessons, and staff will be responding as soon as possible. Instructors will review draft work and provide feedback. The learning platform offers a lot of tools to encourage students to engage more with the content and with other students; for example, they have private/public groups, chat, messaging systems, friendship and activity. There are also discussion sections and forums that are public for everybody.

The main advantages of studying under distance learning are:

  • You don’t have to travel or attend classes on-campus basis, and yet still be able to have the same type of education level online.
  • Receive the same on-campus certification credits/value by studying online.
  • Study the same on-campus materials and contents online. The platform has converted the contents into reading-texts, exercise, case-studies and quizzes.
  • All learning materials and documents are available online. You don’t have to buy expensive hard-copies or take anything with you while you’re studying a course.
  • Get the same type of work or activities that students usually receive on-campus.
  • Access flexibility, as you can access materials, video recording at any time.
  • Dynamic online support, in which you can interact with instructors, other students and get support or help needed.
  • Flexible assignment submission and feedback.

Here is a detailed guide explains our Mentored Self-Paced delivery mode and how to be a successful distance learner

Blended Learning

Blended Learning on NG Education is a combination of classroom learning and distance learning. Through classroom learning, students usually attend face-to-face sessions with instructors and they are expected to work independently to research information related to the topic subjects and work on assignments.

Through distance learning, students will be given access to resources and guidelines via Next Gates Education Platform and can access resources to study at any time.

Blended learning is limited to a minimum number of students and always has a start and end date for completing the courses. Besides, lessons have also start and end date as they are driven based on a live face-to-face basis. There should be an instructor and a student engaging at the same time.

Main advantages of blended learning are:

  • Encourage more on communication between students and instructor.
  • Develop more collaboration among students.
  • Emphasis on tasks and following up.
  • Small group classroom.

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