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Explore Your Path to Higher Education

At Next Gates Education, we are committed to providing accessible and affordable educational pathways that lead to UK university degrees. Our online courses and diplomas are designed to accommodate a range of starting points and academic goals, ensuring that each learner can find a pathway that suits their needs and ambitions. Whether you are starting without a high school qualification or looking to advance towards a Master Business Administration, our pathways provide clear and achievable steps towards your educational success.

Understanding the Pathway Diagram

The below diagram illustrates the various educational pathways offered by Next Gates.

Pathways into UK Universities
Pathways into UK Universities

Each pathway is designed to build upon previous achievements, allowing learners to progress at their own pace.

  1. Starting Point: Learners without a high school diploma can begin with the Level 3 Foundation course, which requires good skills in English and a minimum age of 17. This foundation course takes between 6 to 12 months to complete, offering 60 credits.
  2. Progression Diploma: After completing Level 3, learners can continue to Level 4 & 5 Diploma, which takes 12 to 24 months to complete and offer 240 credits.
  3. University Entry: Upon completion of Level 4 & 5 diplomas, learners are eligible to enter most UK universities at the Level 6 (Bachelor’s degree), which typically cover 120 credits over 12 months.
  4. Advanced Degrees: Learners who complete a Level 6 Bachelor’s Degree can opt to pursue a Level 7 Pre-MBA of 120 credits. With additional 60 credits at a university, they can Top-Up their certificate into full MBA.

Each step in these pathways is carefully designed to build upon the previous educational achievements, ensuring a smooth and supported progression towards higher education and beyond. These pathways not only make higher education more accessible but also provide a flexible approach to learning that can be tailored to meet individual needs and schedules.

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At Next Gates, we offer a service to assess your formal qualifications to ensure they meet the academic standards required by your chosen institutions.

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About NG Education

Next Gates Education offers a professional qualifications and courses in which most of them are accredited by UK’s top Awarding Bodies and internationally recognized.

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