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On this page you can find most frequent questions and answers related to our courses and learning delivery.

General Questions

What is distance learning?

Distance learning refers to an educational approach in which students engage in coursework and acquire knowledge remotely, eliminating the necessity for in-person, on-campus attendance. This mode of learning primarily utilizes digital platforms, supplying students with online resources and communication tools for effective learning.

How does distance learning work?

Distance learning operates by offering educational resources, lectures, and tasks via the internet, enabling students to access them from any location with internet connectivity. This approach allows learners to progress through the course at a self-determined pace. Interaction with teachers and peers is generally facilitated through digital channels, such as email, online chat rooms, or discussion forums.

What are the benefits of distance learning?

Distance learning provides numerous advantages, such as the adaptability in managing schedules, the opportunity to learn from any global location, and the choice to progress through coursework at an individual pace. This can be especially beneficial for individuals with professional or personal commitments that make attending traditional, on-campus classes challenging.

What are the drawbacks of distance learning?

Distance learning presents challenges such as limited social interaction and the need for self-discipline. However, when these issues are effectively tackled, it can become an engaging and enriching learning experience. By fostering collaboration, utilizing diverse multimedia tools, and providing personalized support, distance learning can transform into a versatile and impactful educational platform.

How do I communicate with instructors and other students in an online learning course?

You can interact with instructors and fellow students using various online tools, such as direct messaging, live chat, voice calls, video calls, forums and discussion boards. Additionally, instructors may provide virtual office hours or utilize video conferencing platforms for more direct and personal communication.

How do I take exams in online learning?

In your online learning program, exams are not conducted in the traditional sense. Instead, assessments are carried out through a combination of online-based tests via digital platforms and assignments in the form of projects. Learners complete these projects at various stages of their course and submit them by the deadlines. They will receive feedback on their work, which contributes to their overall evaluation and progress in the program. Make sure to review the course requirements and guidelines before enrolling to understand the assessment process better.

Is travel required for studying with Next Gates Education?

There is no need for travel when pursuing studies with Next Gates Education, as it provides distance learning courses online. You can access your coursework remotely and, once finished, have your certificate mailed to you.

How do I contact you?

If you need to get in touch with us, there are several ways to do so. You can send an email to, use our online chat feature, or reach out to us by phone at +46 70 161 0090. Additionally, feel free to contact us through our social media channels, such as Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, by searching for our username @nextgatesab

Next Gates Courses

What is the difference between courses awarded by Pearson BTEC and Next Gates?

The main differences between Pearson BTEC Qualifications and Next Gates courses lie in their origins, recognition, assessment methods, and learning flexibility.

Pearson is a UK-based awarding body, and its certificates are internationally recognized by both academic organizations and job providers. To attain a Pearson certification, learners must achieve a higher level of learning and pass one or two assignments, demonstrating their understanding and mastery of the subject matter. This recognition and rigorous assessment make Pearson qualifications highly esteemed and widely accepted.

On the other hand, Next Gates is an education organization based in Sweden. It offers a high-quality curriculum, making its certifications a competitive alternative for those seeking to develop skills and gain recognition from employers and job providers. The learning process under Next Gates is more flexible, as it does not require passing assignments to succeed. Instead, learners must complete a series of tests throughout their study, allowing them to gauge their progress and understanding of the material in real-time.

In summary, Pearson courses are known for their international recognition and stringent assessment methods, while Next Gates courses offer greater flexibility in learning and assessment through a series of tests. Both options provide valuable educational experiences, depending on the learner’s needs and preferences.

Are Next Gates certificates authenticated?

Absolutely! Next Gates takes the authenticity of its certificates seriously. All certificates provided by Next Gates are equipped with numerous security features to prevent counterfeiting, including stamps, signatures, and unique serial numbers. To ensure their legitimacy, the certificates can be verified through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant embassies.

Graduates who desire additional authentication or need to obtain original certificates can reach out to Next Gates. Keep in mind that extra charges may apply to cover the costs of authentication and shipping.

How does Next Gates certificate with an apostille help me?

A sealed certificate with an apostille greatly enhances the international recognition of your course completion. If you plan to work or continue your education outside of Sweden, an apostilled certificate ensures that your credentials are recognized as legitimate and authentic by employers, educational institutions, and government bodies in countries that participate in the Hague Convention.

Can I top up my certificate from Next Gates into a Pearson qualification?

It is possible to top up your Next Gates certificate to a Pearson course/unit if the course offered by Next Gates is similar to that available by Pearson. However, you will need to pay additional fees to cover the assessment expenses, as Pearson requires the completion and passing of one or two assignments per subject. In addition, the awarding body charges registration fees. 

Why are Next Gates courses more affordable?

Next Gates courses are more cost-effective due to the flexibility they offer and the efficient use of their integrated online platform. The platform allows for reduced effort by both management and teaching staff, as course content is readily available online, and the system tracks and monitors learners’ progress. Additionally, Next Gates has lower registration fees, making it a more feasible option for individuals seeking high-quality education at a more affordable price.

Will completing courses help me secure a job in Sweden?

While our courses are designed to enhance your skills and knowledge in various professional fields, we do not offer direct job placements in Sweden or elsewhere. Our aim is to provide you with industry-relevant expertise that increases your employability and prepares you for a competitive job market. Completing our courses will give you a strong foundation and practical skills highly valued across many industries. This can open doors to job opportunities worldwide, allowing you to apply for positions that match your skills and interests.

Can I apply for jobs anywhere after completing a course?

Absolutely. The skills and knowledge you gain from our courses are applicable and respected globally. This means you are well-positioned to apply for jobs not only in Sweden but around the world, in any industry that recognizes the value of the expertise provided by our courses. Our courses are designed to make you a valuable candidate for potential employers by equipping you with relevant, up-to-date skills needed in today’s job market.

BTEC Qualifications

Are these qualifications recognized in Sweden?

Yes. All qualifications listed under level 4 and level 5 are valid and recognized in Sweden based on the Swedish Qualification Framework SeQF. You can contact The Swedish Council for Higher Education (UHR) or visit their website to find that they are already listed and mapped. For more details you can visit this page – Recognition in Sweden.

Are qualifications recognized in the UK and Internationally?

Yes, The qualifications are recognized in the UK and internationally recognized. The qualifications are regulated based on the RQF (Regulated Qualifications Framework) by Ofqual. For more details you can visit this page – Recognition and Progression.

Will you write Distance Education on my Certificate?

No, certificates issued by Next Gates or Awarding Bodies don’t have the mode of study on them. The certificate that you receive will be exactly the same as those received by our campus-based students.

Will be any difference between taking a qualification here or attending it on campus?

There is no difference in terms of credit amount, contents and creditably between the qualification you receive on a Distance Learning course and the equivalent qualification which you study for on campus.

Do I need Internet or I can download the courses?

It is important that you have internet access, because all course materials are available online. Your instructor and your course members will be engaging with you online as well.

How many hours do I need to study every day?

There is no specific time limit for you to study. It depends on how many courses you’re enrolled in. Usually students at a qualification start more than one course at the same time. We believe that you might need to spend an average of 4-8 hours per week for each course.

I haven't studied in a while, will I be able to cope?

While it may be challenging to return to studying after a break, you should be able to manage the course. The materials are tailored to help you enhance your abilities and understanding. Success depends on your motivation, dedication, and eagerness to learn. As a student, you’ll have access to course resources through our learning management system, along with support from instructors and tutors to guide you throughout the process.

Is it possible to have extra support by instructors?

This depends on the course delivery type, usually you’ll not need additional private sessions under blended learning because you’ll be given the chance to meet the instructor at every lesson during the course. However under distance learning courses, courses are designed to be taken as self-study and all materials are structured online. You will be provided an instructor to support you and give assignment feedback.

If this was not enough, we can offer a dedicated instructor which will be available on request at agreed times. The instructor will talk and discuss your specific issues. This additional support will cost you a 50$ per hour.

When can I start a course?

You can start courses categorized under distance learning at any time or date. The main concern is that support by instructors will not be available on weekends and holidays. However you can submit your questions under discussion sections, chat, messages or under forums. Instructors will respond as soon as they start the next day.

Are fees refundable?

Fees are non-refundable after the 14 day cancellation period. For more information please view our Terms and Conditions.

What type of identity proof needed for the application?

Passport scan is the best proof to identify your identity within registration process, otherwise you can send us a National Identity Card or Driving licence. The proof should be scanned properly and all of your data are visible clearly.

Who pays the fees?

It is your responsibility to pay the fees. Courses prices are relevant and considered very low, considering the subject introduced, learning support provided and the high value of the certificates. Another option is that employers pay the fees for their employees. In this case, you can ask them to contact us directly or to pay the fees at our website. It is also possible to provide us the employer contact so we make payment and registration arrangements with them.

We are working on a funding solution with banks or other organizations, in which a student will be offered a loan for the study. When this solution is feasible, we will update our course descriptions accordingly.

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