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Diploma in Information Technology

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The Diploma in Information Technology, awarded by Qualifi, is a level 4 & 5 accredited programme in the UK and internationally recognized. It includes 12 courses and is equivalent to the first two years of a degree. With one additional year of study at a university it can become a BA Honours Degree. The diploma has transferable credits of a minimum of 240.

The curriculum is designed to equip learners with a wide range of skills and knowledge necessary for a successful career in various IT roles. This qualification blends technical and theoretical elements, focusing on core aspects such as IT ethics, computer maintenance, programming, and web design, alongside specialized topics like networking and graphical user interface design. Ideal for individuals aiming to advance their understanding and practical abilities in IT, the diploma also emphasizes personal development and teamwork skills, preparing students for diverse workplace environments and further educational opportunities in the field of information technology.

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