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This course introduces students to digital forensics involving the use of specialised techniques to investigate the recovery, authentication and analysis of data on electronic data storage devices, as well as network security breaches and cyber attacks, using different tools and techniques. Among the topics included in this unit are: describing the process of carrying out digital forensics; forensic investigation legal guidelines and procedures; understanding low-level file structures of several operating systems (OS); creating a book disk to enable forensic examination of devices and undertaking a forensic examination of a device(s) and/or network security breaches and cyber attacks.

On successful completion of this unit, students will be able to carry out digital forensics in accordance with industry and legal guidelines and procedures using different tools. They will also understand the low-level file structures of several OS and be able to undertake digital forensic investigation of devices. As a result, they will develop skills such as communication literacy, critical thinking, analysis, reasoning and interpretation, which are crucial for gaining employment and developing academic competence.

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