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Marketing Insights and Analytics


This course is designed to enhance students’ knowledge and understanding of the consumer’s decision-making process. To gain competitive advantage and maintain market share, organisations understand the importance of seeking answers to questions such as:

  • How do we buy products and services?
  • What motivates us to seek out a particular product or service?
  • What research do we undertake prior to making a decision?
  • Do we seek out other people’s opinions through social media and other digital technologies?
  • To what extent do other people’s opinions influence our own?
  • How do we feel after we have made the purchase?

The answers to these types of questions help marketers to understand the processes behind consumer purchase decisions, which allows organisations to adapt the marketing mix and enhance the customer experience. Students will learn the underpinning theories and frameworks, and will be expected to relate them to real-world examples across a range of organisational contexts.

The knowledge, understanding and skill sets that students gain on successfully completing this course will enhance their career opportunities, whether they are starting their own business or working for an organisation in a marketing function.

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