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Professional Practice

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This course provides a foundation for good practice in a variety of contexts. The ability to communicate effectively using different tools and mediums will ensure that practical, research, design, reporting and presentation tasks are undertaken professionally and in accordance with various communication conventions. In everyday life, the ability to apply critical reasoning and solve problems are skills that enable tasks to be completed successfully and facilitate effective decision making. Working with others in a group environment such as an academic setting or in the workplace is an integral part of everyday life. Therefore, understanding the dynamics of teams in terms of culture, roles and responsibilities will ensure that there is a better understanding and awareness of the importance and value of teamwork. Continuing professional development, self-improvement, reflective practice and working towards various goals are encouraged in the workplace through an appraisal framework. Professional development includes at higher levels of learning and the ability to demonstrate effective research skills and academic reporting skills.

This course covers the development of communication skills and communication literacy and the use of qualitative and quantitative data to demonstrate analysis, reasoning and critical thinking. Students will carry out tasks that require working with others in a team-based scenario and planning and problem solving.

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