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Website Design and Development

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This course introduces students to the underpinning services required to host, manage and access a secure website. Students will then be introduced to and explore the methods used by designers and developers to blend back-end technologies (server-side) with front-end technologies (client-side). To help ensure that new designers are able to design and deliver a site that offers an outstanding User Experience (UX) supported by an innovative User Interface (UI). Students will discuss the reasons, requirements, relationships, capabilities and features of the systems they will be using. This gives them an opportunity to explore various tools, techniques and technologies with ‘good design’ principles in order to plan, design and review a multipage website.

On successful completion of the course, students will be able to explain the server technologies and management services associated with the hosting and management of secure websites, categorise website technologies, tools and software used to develop websites, utilise website technologies, tools and techniques with good design principles to create a multipage website and create and use a Test Plan to review the performance and design of a multipage website.

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